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Central Ohio fields serve as inspiration for landscape
Thursday, March 15, 2007

Soy Bean Fields Forever by Richard Clem

Maybe Soy Bean Fields Forever isn’t as catchy as the Beatles’ Strawberry Fields Forever, but Richard Clem’s painting does full justice to the humble Midwestern bean.
His painting, ablaze with the orange and rust colors of fall, along with more of his central-Ohio landscapes, are on view Downtown in the Vorys Gallery of the Jefferson Center for Learning and the Arts.
October Sky — Miller Paul also contains a soybean field.
"I got enamored with soybean fields. The light was just hitting them so," Clem said.
"I look for something in the landscape that talks to me. Something always strikes you when you are out there.
"And then it’s: Can I capture it? "
Clem works with colors and textures, using painterly techniques to put his stamp on a scene.
"Instead of creating just a picture, I want to create a work of art."
"Richard Clem — Stillness & Serenity" continues through April 13 in the Jefferson Center for Learning and the Arts, 65 Jefferson Ave. For hours, call 614-228-7441.


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