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Studio painting is the place to sort out the observations based on the experiences of painting outdoors.

8 x10 Watercolor

The locomotive in the print was operated by the Buckeye Central Scenic Railroad (BCSRR) for two years in the early to mid 1990’s. The original locomotive was what was known as a camel back 0-4-0 wheel configuration. It was last owned and operated by American Electric Power (AEP) at one of ttheir power plants. The term camel back came from the fact that the original locomotive had a water jacket around the boiler and did not have a typical tender with both water and coal.

The original locomotive was built, circa 1927. When AEP was finished with it, it was finally purchased by two individuals near Parkersburg, West Virginia, . Hal Harkness and John Buckwalter purchased the locomotive and began a restoration project – which included removing the camel back and building a tender for the locomotive. The camel back was removed to create the appearance (which you see in the print) of a late 1800’s type locomotive. Also added was a set of pony wheels on the front of the locomotive, along with the familiar cow catcher.

After leaving the BCSRR, the locomotive operated for a year or two in northeastern Ohio. Since then, the locomotive has not resurfaced – last known it was in need of a rebuilt or replaced firebox and needed new driver wheels.

A friend Chris Miller, was a volunteer member of the BCSRR for a period of about 10 – 12 years, at one time serving as President of the BCSRR for a two year term. . The original watercolor and print were painted from a photo that Chris had taken of the locomotive as it operated during a Christmas with Santa runs from the original Pennsylvania Railroad Station in Newark, Ohio. Chris says, it was about 15 degrees that cold day in December when he snapped the photo.


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